Ariel – Eugene, OR

“When we adopted Ariel it was the most pleasant and easy experience. We got all sorts of age progression photos and videos. When we picked her up we went home with a little care package and all! Ariel has been the most wonderful addition to our family. She is cuddly, healthy, and so spunky. I recommend 100% getting your next family member here!”

Almond – Portland, OR

“Hi! Almond came to us as a happy, very well socialized and extremely healthy kitten.

Nayda’s kittens are exactly as described, her and her family clearly go above and beyond in making sure they grow up correctly.

Throughout the process of Almond transitioning to his new home, Nayda was extremely supportive and always went the extra mile to make sure our questions were answered.

Our little guy is true to the traits of BSH, patient of children/visitors to his home, an ardent watcher of his humans and extremely easy going. I can’t recommend Nayda enough.”

Alp – Albany, OR

We got our boy Toast from Sultan Cats when he was 5.5 months old. They did a wonderful job raising him. We got a socialized kitty who was already well trained. They got him used to nail clippings, travel, behind held, and just an all around good boy ❤️

As new cat owners, Sultan Cats was also very helpful in the few weeks after we brought him home. We had more questions than anticipated and they helped every step of the way.

Ari – Grand Rapids, MI

“This was my first experience with any breeder and I am glad that I chose Nayda’s cattery! The entire process from initial inquiries, to picking up Ari was very smooth and stress-free. Nayda provided us with some of his favorite food and toys to take with us. Within minutes of the long drive home Ari slept on my lap! It was clear to me how well socialized Nayda’s kittens are and I was blown away by Ari’s personality. He is a sweet boy, loving, and quickly warms up to anybody who will give him attention. Everyone that meets Ari falls in love with him! This is a wonderful cattery that provides beautiful, loving, and healthy kittens!”

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