About Us

RoyalSultans is a TICA registered home cattery located in Louisville, Kentucky. We were previously located in Beaverton, Oregon, but relocated to Kentucky. We focus on sharing our love for British Shorthairs and British Longhairs by providing beautiful and healthy babies.

We ensure that our cats and kittens are treated by veterinarians to ensure they are free from diseases and receive proper care, such as vaccines, deworming, etc. We take joy in nurturing and socializing our cats and kittens to be loving members of the family. By nurturing our cats and kittens, we aim to raise beautiful cats and kittens with the best temperaments.

It is important for us to provide our cats the best of care. Our cats roam our homes freely in a loving cage-free environment. We feed our cats a premium species appropriate diet, including raw human-grade meats. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our kittens go to the best loving homes.

RoyalSultans guarantees that our kittens are free of any life-threatening congenital diseases for one year. Our kittens are vet checked, dewormed, and vaccinated prior to traveling to their homes. We love seeing photos and updates of our kittens’ lives.